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Client Reviews

Courtney’s clients have won competitions and auditions, earned scholarships and leading roles, recorded albums, booked performances and speaking engagements, recovered from vocal traumas, launched new businesses, embraced their creativity – and much more!

Anyone can enjoy a more fulfilling life with an empowered voice and enhanced sense of self-expression!

We’re rated five stars ★★★★★ on Google, Facebook and Thumbtack!

Atlanta Voice Lessons
Sara GlendaSara Glenda

Courtney is an awesome singer, teacher and human being! She brings out the best in anybody she works with! 🎵

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Chrissie Townley KinnamanChrissie Townley Kinnaman

Courtney is an outstanding teacher. Her techniques helped take my son’s vocal skills to the next level. She coached him through auditions and performances, always inspiring his creativity and individuality. She is extremely supportive and truly cares about her students.

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Lorna Dykgraaf-SchripsemaLorna Dykgraaf-Schripsema

I have worked with Courtney a few years ago. I am a seasoned trained vocalist that grew up singing gospel, choir, and classical music, I transitioned to jazz in my more ...., uhmm ....mature years. I was wondering if Courtney could help me loosen the control of my singing style into a more easy, swing, jazz, and freeing style. Not only did she help me but made me feel comfortable in my own trial and error and letting my voice and mind relax to find a new style and feel comfortable with that process.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and urge anyone that wants to improve and/or expand your style no matter where you’re at to give it a go!!!

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Alexander FriendAlexander Friend

I worked with Courtney for almost a year in NYC before she moved on to bigger and better things. As a beginner, she was incredibly patient and encouraging. I came into it with a slight interest in singing and left with not only a better command and confidence in my voice, but also a greater appreciation for music and theory. I still stay in touch with Courtney and, with her nudging me along, continue to sing and challenge myself. Truly powerful how singing can help lift you up in life.

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Rachael Laya HoffmanRachael Laya Hoffman

Coach Courtney is some sort of unicorn-angel-musician-songwriting-vocalist, and with just one lesson in, we’re thrilled at the professionalism, style, grace and sheer talent from her. Her space and energy is warm and inviting, putting me and my 7 year old at ease instantly. If you’re looking for a pro to help nurture your kid’s voice (adults too) and musicality, in an environment that will nurture creativity, Seadragon Songhouse is where you want to land. I’m already blown away. 💜🌟🧜🏼‍♀️🦄🎶

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Andy McDowellAndy McDowell

When we think of the word voice we as humans normally go right to our physical voice. Those sounds that emanate from our throats that allow us to communicate and express our thoughts and emotions. But we have many voices....some which we never use or barely use. That list includes our written voice, singing voice, romantic voice, business voice, relationship voice, parental voice, community voice, spiritual voice......the list is never ending.

If you want to find a particular voice of yours that is lost or strengthen one you have but want to use it to generate your value in this need to look no further than Courtney Cutchins and her Seadragon Songhouse studio and family to reach your goals. Courtney is a kind, caring, intelligent, experienced soul in this world who will be your partner in strengthening or discovering your voice in your life. Her studio is warm and inviting and her smile, when you are frustrated with yourself, lets you know that the Songhouse is a place of non-judgement, love and support.

If you ever have the chance to visit Courtney and her Songhouse, be sure to ask for an introduction to her partner in crime....Scales!

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Kate McGarryKate McGarry

Learn from a creative singer who is walking the talk!

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We are a music studio offering online and in-person coaching in voice, songwriting and creativity. We offer a fully-customized experience based on science, health, intuition and imagination – helping you fuel your creative spark and use your voice with greater freedom and power.