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Our Seadragon Vocal Coaching Sessions and Voice Lessons are a fully-customized experience based on science, health, intuition and imagination. Watch the video below for a message from Coach Courtney – and get an idea of what you will see and hear during an online session.

Online: At your scheduled time, receive a 1:1 virtual coaching session/lesson via live video chat (Skype or Zoom), right at your computer, designed specifically to support you in your unique vocal and musical aspirations. We specialize in our online teaching methods specifically – and we love that we get to preserve the integrity of a truly personal interaction virtually. We use professional photography lighting and sound equipment to give you the best e-learning experience possible. Super simple and convenient!

In-person: Due to COVID-19, in-person sessions are currently unavailable. Please contact us to join a waitlist – or contact us for virtual sessions instead!

Be sure to read our Q&A for additional information!

What’s included?

  • Personalized, 1:1 Coaching Sessions – available in 45, 60 and 90 minute options
  • “Seadragon SongJournal”for weekly clients only – collaborative, typed session notes (covering warm-ups, specific songs and discussed concepts) sent via private Google Doc to help keep track of weekly ideas, progress and goals – Click Here for a Sample
  • Supplemental Resources & Exercises – included, as desired, for further inspiration throughout the week, such as: practice observations, lyric exercises, writing prompts, music theory games, song study, video/recording analysis and much more
  • Creativity Projects – optional deadlines and goals to work toward, including audio recordings, performances, collaborations, artistic presentations and/or video recordings suitable for sharing with friends and family
  • Premium Service – enrollment is limited so that our clients receive our dedicated attention, premium service and time
  • Text Message Reminders – personalized reminders are sent out 24 hours prior to your session
  • Office Hours – Courtney is available during regular business hours to answer questions via text and email throughout the week

We offer coaching/lessons on the following topics:

Inspiring vocal coaching & voice lessons focused on modern technique, songs and artistry – a program designed to support you in your unique vocal and musical aspirations. Specializing in pop, rock, jazz, folk, country, musical theatre and other contemporary styles. A fusion of voice and breathing exercises, musicianship, creative development, storytelling, performance skills and much more.

We work with total beginners exploring music as a hobby, to advanced professionals looking to take their technique and skills to the next level.

Do you wish your speaking voice sounded different? Do you have difficulty being heard in a noisy room? Did you know that 38% of your first impression comes from your tone of voice? If you want to be a better communicator, whether professionally or in your daily life, vocal coaching can enhance the quality of your speaking voice, as well as boost your presence and influence.

Think outside the box, try a new perspective and explore your creative potential. We combine musical training, vocalization, improvisation, songwriting, creative-writing techniques and journaling to help fuel your ideas and artistry – and we design personalized goals that achieve results! Perfect for clients looking for new ways to see fresh, innovative solutions.

Writing lyrics from the heart, choosing chords, creating a story, navigating blocks and finding a flow, developing your artistry and singing a song that’s truly yours. Including elements of music theory, ear training and vocal coaching to help you sound your best – as well as supportive, philosophical discussion about what it means to be an artist!

Whether you’re a music student preparing for an audition or a professional preparing for a recording, we can help you meet your deadlines and sound great doing it. Past project ideas: album releases, performances and special events, auditions for The Voice and American Idol, college applications, competitions, school/program tryouts and music exams.

Many of our Seadragon clients have launched the businesses of their dreams! Work with us to better uncover your authentic purpose and voice as an entrepreneur. Develop goals, set deadlines, compose marketing copy and create a social media plan… all while being supported creatively through it all.

Our vocal coaching can be combined with piano or ukulele fundamentals, allowing you to diversify your musical skills and take your artistry to the next level. Learn the basics of technique, chords, progressions, chord charts, music notation, music theory and rhythm. A motivational and fun way to explore your musicianship!

A fantastic, in-depth study of everything jazz voice: memorize standards, analyze recordings, learn to scat and improvise, work on grooves and feels like swing, bossa nova and other traditional styles, develop your phrasing, create captivating arrangements and compositions and develop your skills as a band leader.

For total beginners who truly love music and want to understand its ins-and-outs! Learn about melodies, match pitch and feel the groove of your favorite songs. Become a more educated listener, discover your voice and expand your musical horizons!

Have you ever been puzzled by music theory? Want to learn to read music? Or maybe you’re into more advanced topics? We can help! Welcome to the magical world of pitches and rhythms, time and key signatures, scales and modes, intervals, ear-training, triads and seventh chords, harmonic functions and progressions, extended harmonies and improvisation. Whether you’re a total beginner, a music student studying for an AP test or a professional looking to better understand the music you love, we’ll create a personalized mix of topics to support your needs.

Please contact us with any questions! Be sure to check out our Q&A page for more info.


Sessions with Coach Courtney are held once a week at the same time each week with a minimum of a month commitment.
Payment is due in full 48 hours before the first session of the term.

A minimum of 60 minutes is recommended for all adult clients.
Please Contact Us with any questions!

45 Minutes:

$65/session: Three Month Bundle – $845 for 13 weekly sessions
$75/session: Month-to-Month – $300-375 for 4-5 weekly sessions

60 Minutes:

$85/session: Three Month Bundle – $1105 for 13 weekly sessions
$95/session: Month-to-Month – $380-475 for 4-5 weekly sessions

90 Minutes:

$125/session: Three Month Bundle – $1625 for 13 weekly sessions
$135/session: Month-to-Month – $540-675 for 4-5 weekly sessions

Checks, Zelle and all major credit cards via PayPal accepted.

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  1. Sessions are scheduled once a week at the same time each week. Duration and schedule will be determined and agreed upon by client and coach.
  2. Rates vary depending on selected payment package. Pricing details are online at: http://seadragonsonghouse.com/services/
  3. The Monthly rate is based upon a model of 4 weekly sessions per month. For months in which there are 5 weeks of sessions, the extra session will be added to the invoice at the agreed upon rate.
  4. Payment for the month is due in full 48 hours before the first session of each month. Payment may be made via credit or debit online through PayPal invoice.
  5. An invoice (with confirmation of the upcoming month’s session dates) will be provided during the last week of each month. Please notify us of any scheduling conflicts ASAP.
  6. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. For sessions cancelled within 48 hours, the session fee will be forfeited in full.
  7. In an effort to respect other clients’ schedules, any sessions started late will still end at the pre-arranged time.
  8. Makeup sessions are only offered for cancellations with advance notice of 48 hours or greater.
  9. Each client’s session time slot is automatically renewed and reserved for them each month. We require two weeks notice to suspend or end sessions.